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Demo Day 4

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0800 August 26th 2010


1015 August 26th 2010


1425 August 26th 2010

and i forgot to get one at the end of the day. we didn’t stop till near 1800. Mr CM and I were out in the 
back trench, him in the excavator, me with a pick axe or shovel hopping in and out of the ditch as needed to investigate.
mainly to decipher ‘is that a root?’ or ‘is that an abandoned gas line?’ or “OMG THATS LIVE ELECTRICITY!” better go easy.
when that happened we skipped over it to leave for the guys to hand dig. 

think today i’ll really go buy some boots. been saying it for over a year. in fact i did once. but i sent them back. they were hawt pink too…

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