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Me Mumz took Fotos too:

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Los Angeles Police Dept bldg. and in reflection? i dunno. i didn’t walk over to check.

such a pointy nosey.

sweet Persian couple that blocked SO MANY SHOTS!

mumz needs to work on her horizons. but i like the framing in this shot.

the rectangular block of tile is my fav thing abt this bldg. nothing in particular about it here but from deep inside the concert hall to its exteriors walls this material and pattern is running. i like repetition sneaking up on you in places yr mind isn’t even aware. yr eye just gets so used to seeing you cease to see it. i like that sort of design.

nice shot. its like the building is falling away from you.

shoots and ladders for the moon?

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The Last Time.

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The last Time i stood near 1937 Packard for fotos i was drunker then a skunk AND wearing an off-white wedding dress type thing! found it yday waiting for it’s next bride & groom outside of a Union Station patio wedding.

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