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the murky inverted fishbowl i live in

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Angus in his morning soccer camp. but the point of these photos is to show the Layer Of Yuck. it descended in late April and hasn’t let up.
maybe just 4 or 5 days since April have been lovely. mostly it’s been this dirty snow globe. bah.

he is so used to One on One interaction this happens when the Coach shows attention to any child he might be near. thankfully he typically redirects himself after 2 or 3 minutes of pouting. note murky fishbowl effect.

Eva. like Wall-E. just a ray of sunshine in my hollow snowball of gloom.

and this shot 5 hours after the above. STILL gross nothingness. just over the rail there’s an ocean and beyond that there is a sky. my personal history tells me there are two seperate events happening here. my visual cues do not.
i was told July 1st beckoned the sunshine back to our locale. i was lied to. i have the pout.

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Practicing DOF

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DOF! i haz it.

DOF! i haz it again. =)
Woot!! now if i could only really truly KNOW how i did it. i know what i kinda did. i think i could replicate it.
but i’m not sure. and i wanna be sure. guess i better go next week when i suspect this HUGE i mean GARGATUAN
cactus plant will bloom. you coming too?

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