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San Pablo Before & After

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boring boring kitchen as it looked upon purchase. perfectly acceptable and UTTERLY BORING! i never used it. we moved in and a day later
Mr CM was here setting up plastic walls.

As my kitchen looks now. Only 175 days elapsed between shots. yes, i’ve removed non-working days.
-This post brought to you by waiting around for our last party member to arrive then off to airport!-

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Before & After at Del Prez

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Kitchen Past

Kitchen Present
47 days elapsed between photos.  Mr CM, you take my visions and give them substance.
and Ogre… well you my dear you give life to my visions and even to my merest whims.
now it’s really off to pack for Cuba. really really.

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Commence Blog Neglecting

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Move along now folks, nothing to see here. Gearing up to go off to see a man about a Cuban cigar or three.
i will definitely miss You and You but mostly i will WISH YOU WERE HERE! or THERE if you will.

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I got flowers today…

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The Old’Or, she got me pretty flowers.
The first since November when we butchered errrr trimmed the landscape.So grateful this is my life. Still wish YOU were here.

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the Old’Ore as she looked this morning. She’s come so far.
So have I. A few years ago i’da never believed in myself enuf to even want to try a project of this size. now I find myself asking
“What Next?”

the poor dear… all exposed and so vulnerable. Dec 10 2009
Good thing we fixed her up. =) Pretty soon i’m gonna be out of a job. got any leads?

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[Sent from Google Voice] Fwd: A Voicemail from (949) 999-9999

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Hey! I got this on my Google Voice account and thought you’d want to hear it.
(949) 999-9999
3/12/10 12:38 PM
Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello.

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Plz oh Plz click on ‘play message’ i promise y’ll lol real loud!

GV FTW again #fb

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ohh Google Voice you never let me down. when i’ve given up on a 2 hour project and i feel defeated the stupid OBJECTS in my life are WINNING over my not inconsiderable willpower, Google Voice you come to my rescue and leave me in giggles.

“Okay, so I have a right to pick up time, but I am in fact point callback kid because he definitely dated Cole, even though he wasn’t supposed to it all worked out and it’s it’s not gonna be fine. I’m should be going to get him right now, but I wanted to let you know it’s a lead. Okay love you bye.’

HE DEFINITELY DATED COLE (bwahahahahahahahahaha. lordisa i’m in tears again.)  AND IT’S NOT GONNA BE FINE!!!!

okay so i left some out in the middle. it’s my blog and i can do what makes me laugh, not whats correct. damnarnit.

what was actually said was:

“Okay, so i have a ride to pick up ****** but i am in fact going to kill that kid because  he definitely stayed at school even thought he wasn’t supposed to.  Um, it’ll all work out and it’s all gonna be fine. Mom should be going to get him right now. but i wanted to let you know cos i said i would. okay love you bye.”

oh man it just gets funnier and funnier.

She’s Got Cabinets! #fb

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11/17/2009 Oh the poor poor dear, as she looked the day i acquired her. she has so many colours, so long neglected. that fridge was a biohazard.
had to call a special disposal crew for it. truly gross. Plz Note the round end-of-cabinet- open shelves.

11/18/2009 I think once upon a time this kitchen was rather sweet. Blue walls, friendly yellow beehive tiles.  then something happened right around the 80’s
and thru the 90’s she fought a good fight. but finally in early 2000’s she just gave up. this once cheery kitchen just heaved a deep hibernating
breath and just let go. (watch the orange wall)

11/02/2009 In order to resuscitate that once was dead y’ve got to dig down to her bare bones and see if she wants to be revived. Turns out she
was ready for a slow long careful wakening. (studs left only of orange wall)

01/22/2010 for her revival into the second decade of the two thousands, i believe, given the age of her bones, she would
like some internal warming. also with the warmth came new vessels to carry water, sewer & electrical impulses too.
(the wall, did it ever exist?)

03/11/2010 Sorry, for the flip in perspective, but i thought it’d be nice to show just how nice this room is without orange wall.
She’s been weaned off the life support and taking practice breaths on her own now. i believe she’ll wake up raring and ready to take on
this new life. Plz Note the open shelves at the end of cabinets. they are also duplicated at the far end of the kitchen just under the second window.
you see what i did there? with the little open shelves?
most ppl see only the big huge changes and fail to notice the little things. the little nods to her past that i brought into this renovation.
there’s just a few… but if you look closely y’ll see them.

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Place Of Crap Putting

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Garage Entry/Pantry on Right – This is the only photo i seem to have that shows the Wall Of Door (on the extreme left of photo)
pretty awful set up imo. you come in thru this door 98% of the time yr arms have mail, hoodies, groceries etc and WHERE are you to put ALL the CRAP?

Day 1 demo -PM To make a Place Of Crap Putting i had to demo the Wall Of Door. so we did.

I have now achieved Place Of Crap Putting!! the open cabinets will remain so, they’re for cook books, tchotckies and the like.
2 junk drawers and the lower cabinets have pull out shelves for pantry staples & misc pots n pans. at least IF i were to live here that’s how i’d arrange it.
all i really know is i have succeeded with a place for things in yr arms when one comes inside. phew. srsly you must never underestimate the power of
Place Of Crap Putting.

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and the Worst Mother Of The Year Award goes to…

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“Mom, I need a fork in my room.”

“WHY do you need a fork in your room, Egg?”

“So I can open my door to get out. ”



“okay i’ll ask Ogre to bring you one.”