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From Sink to Bathtub/Shower

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Towner Day 1   in a way it’s shame to have lost such charm. there was just not enuf money in the budget to repairs what humans had left to rot away. 
restoration is not my gig. i wish it could be… one day… but for now i’m content to TEAR SHITE UP! 


Towner Day 62   the tub now lies in the former sink area. behind the wall with the water works on it is the now repositioned terlit. 
here the walls are prepped w concrete, left to semi dry overnight.


Towner Day 63

 TADAHHHHHHHHHHH purty tile!!! 

it’s called Golden Gate in Quartzite. 

yes it’s an upgrade from what the budget called for but LORDISA HAVE MERCY is it ever LOVELY. 
i’m positive it will be most complimented on. 
Towner Day 63 
forgive the no flash, that was a calculated effort. i wanted to get it in natural light. 

so can not wait to see it it all it’s finished glory!  

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A Public Dialogue

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Move Over

Mr Contractor Man

You Have

Been Replaced!!

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