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tous pour un, un pour tous

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well, progress is slow but steady on all 3 jobsites. i failed y’day and took no pictures. my day was a bit stressful. Team Meetings. who knew.
so i leave you with a picture of part of my trusty crew (team if you will) for the past 11 months. ┬áthere’s 4 bodies missing too. Izzy & Armando deserve their own damn post.
the newest 2, they’ve just been with us for one week so i don’t have much to say other then they show up, work, clean up (but not to my or Mr CM’s exacting code, they’ll learn),
they know what they’re doing. i think the newest might work out.
but i’ll tell ya true, i love my job.

Mr CM, Mr Plumber, Uncle J & Crab Grass (from left to right)

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