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Can’t wait for Monday! #fb

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Or Not. he won’t be there… not till the kitchen cabinets go in. -sigh-

Main bathroom tile all finished.

Master bath. working itself out. lots of changes in here from the initial design. can’t wait to see it totally done.
you can see we STILL managed to save the milk box. yay!!!!

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yes, it was a beautiful sunrise wasn’t it? #fb

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just when you think he’s nearly grown up. he’s spent months pushing you away. months that yr his worst enemy on the face of the earth.he text messages you at 4:10am. “mommeh I r sickkkk stay home with me tomarrow?” you text him back, “close the windows and put on yr air thingy. i’ll brt” ¬† so when you walk thru the door bearing great wonderful medicine of the nyquil kind not only are you welcomed wanted and ushered into bed with him you realize he’s actually obeyed! he Did close the windows. he Did turn on the air thingy. he also put on a super silly if not awful movie starring a boyfriend of mine, (if only in my head) Bradley Cooper. this child who nearly has me convinced he-hates-me-to-my-face needed me (still) in the darkest just before dawn.

but i look around and realize he’s not sick at all, not really. just overly caffeinated from drinking a 6 pack of bottled coke in one night.

see if i EVER teach another kid how to open the damn fridge.

Goog FTW

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i big puffy heart Google voice translation from voice to text.
it gives me such a laugh every time. many of them i want to share but since often they’re business or more personal nature, i don’t. Finally i got one thats fairly innocuous and TOTALLY laugh worthy.

“Hello, This is Beth, It’s Armand with a Alex on the hair salons. I’m just calling to remind you that you have an appointment with us at 130 for we’ve been Erica. If you have any questions please give us a call. It’s (XXX) XXX-XXXX Have a great day.”

what Armin actually said: “AHHHlizabeth it’s Armin from Eli Alexander hair salon. I’m just calling to remind you that you have an appointment with us at 130 for a weave and a cut. If you have any questions please give us a call. It’s (XXX) XXX-XXXX Have a great day.”

we’ve been Erica for weave and a cut.

LORD i’m still in giggles.

Flags for new tattoo idea

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Bex is flying in tonight for some tattooing and sightseeing. i’ve got teh crazy idea of flags from every country some how artfully arranged on my skin. cos i certainly don’t want 2×2 sized boxes of flags on me. her idea is a pretty lady with a hat and on the hat is a wreath of flags instead of a wreath of flowers. i do very much like that idea and can see it in my minds eye. i just wonder abt how to incorporate more flags at a later date into that… may her hands are bare now but in a few years when i’ve got another set of flags under my belt she can be holding a bouquet? or some fallen flag-flowers at her feet? Bueller?
Also she’s got some opening in her schedule for other tats. you coming by or what??


Philippines rp-lgflag.gif
S. Africa south-africa-flag.gif

Zimbabwe flag_Zimbabwe.gif
China 1205815591fChina_flag(1).gif
France france-flag.gif
Hong Kong 800px-Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg.png

  1. Columbia 800px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png
  1. Nicaragua nu-lgflag.gif

Costa Rica cs-lgflag.gif

  1. Cuba Cuba-flag.gif
  2. Mexico Mexico_flag.gif

Canada (Vancouver) dbi_flag_canada.gif

  1. Bahamas bahamas-flag.gif
  2. Curacao & Aruba (Antilles) netherlands_antilles_flag.jpg

Panama 250px-Flag_of_Panama.svg.png
Taiwan TAIW0001.GIF

PS: yes i am cheating on one country… so what! sue me.

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Casa Rumz Does Stairs

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Hi Ev!
i suppose this is a lesson in OMG WTF is all over those walls? if you get to close they scratch you. and the chandelier, it may be the only
photo i have of it. really it hung 15 down on a chain link. and just out of view, just ontop of those candles is a huge 10ft x 10ft window. so the chain hangs thru the window.. so gross.
the wrought iron art. it’s not so bad. too bad it didn’t’ come with the house like the
textured 6 shades of yellow walls & on a chain candle style chandelier.

better shot of the texture. bleck.

and Voila! ¬†smooth walls!!! i didn’t really paint white walls its just the flash and pretend Ev is on the stairs. note the missing chandelier!
it’s cos i got one that hangs IN THE WINDOW (where it’s sapposed to be).

chandelier reflection in Azeroth and the window. again note the smooth walls!!

the world, it’s really my only nod to the house that WoW built.
THX Ogre. without you a $35 dollar poster wouldn’t live in a beach house with a multi-million dollar view.
or me. i do so love you and the view.

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Eggs new room

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Egg’s room as it looked before we purchased Casa Rumz 


the teenager that lived here before had it set up as her office and Ev’s old room (my new office) as her bedroom. lucky girl. 


Spencer’s room as it looked before we installed the metal beam. 




then i decided that his room needed sound proofing and new electrical, new floor and ethernet and cable and a phone line. tho i think we didn’t do a phone..
eh, cant’ rmbr. 

pretend theres a bunch of shots of the insulation and sheet rock and mud and new floor and primer and paint and and and


and this how it looks tonight. kinda bare but i think his room may be the most decorated of them all. so that duvet is an old one, the 
new one i got from Ikea turned out to be NOT A DUVET but i thingy to cut WITH scissors and SEW tghtr to make a kimono but it also 
came with pillowcases (see pillow case in center of bed). WTFIKEA. 
you may notice the paint scheme is the same. it is but it isn’t. yes gray & green but lesser dark grey and more lime green now instead 
of neon. 


also installed a new closet system. his closet doors will arrive in 3 to 4 weeks. they will be the ultra fab doors as in the pantry and other rooms. 
doors worth waiting for i tell ya. check out the new floor. i think this is a well lit shot for showcasing it. 

Big Thx to my crew as always. without them this would be non soundproofed still causing the breakers to flip ice cold room. 

and more then i can express in words Thanks & Gratitude to Ogre. esp today. my sick & pmsy attitude surely wasn’t the funnest thing to be around on a Saturday. 


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From Sink to Bathtub/Shower

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Towner Day 1   in a way it’s shame to have lost such charm. there was just not enuf money in the budget to repairs what humans had left to rot away. 
restoration is not my gig. i wish it could be… one day… but for now i’m content to TEAR SHITE UP! 


Towner Day 62   the tub now lies in the former sink area. behind the wall with the water works on it is the now repositioned terlit. 
here the walls are prepped w concrete, left to semi dry overnight.


Towner Day 63

 TADAHHHHHHHHHHH purty tile!!! 

it’s called Golden Gate in Quartzite. 

yes it’s an upgrade from what the budget called for but LORDISA HAVE MERCY is it ever LOVELY. 
i’m positive it will be most complimented on. 
Towner Day 63 
forgive the no flash, that was a calculated effort. i wanted to get it in natural light. 

so can not wait to see it it all it’s finished glory!  

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A Public Dialogue

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Move Over

Mr Contractor Man

You Have

Been Replaced!!

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We’re working on living here at Casa Rumz one year. Today i hung 2 new things.
this blank wall, mind you i don’t have many blank walls, mostly windows over here, so this wall (being a focal point) has been given many many
of my hours mulling over how i want it to look. a huge piece of art? picture frames filled with family photos? no, i want clocks.
a wall of clocks. floating shelves filled with time pieces. working or not. modern or no.
but here’s the thing, i don’t want anyone to know i like clocks and plan on filling this wall with them.
what i Want and what i Get are often often Never The Same Thing.
all in all i’m okay with that.

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Got Rock?

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Pretend theres a photo of the same shot w/insulation inserted here.

it’s beginning to L00K like a house again!!
(both shots from 1st bedroom wall looking into hallway and 2nd bedroom)

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