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Casa Rumz Jobsite

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As the Lounge looked upon first Viewing. we made an offer upon second viewing  in March 2009


11/18/09 Ev moved out. So i took down her interior wall and opened up the space. note the icky tile floor. 


Egg’s room. as it looked when we installed the steel wrap around beam over this wood beam. 


(11/28/2010) Egg’s room as it looks currently. turns out his room is not sound proof. i know, right? why didn’t they build rooms to house noisy gamer rock music
playing teenagers. So because i can, i’ve ripped up his room. will rewire, insulate and hang VERY EXPENSIVE sound board sheet rock. 
also he will get new floor, as will the lounge and my office (Ev’s Ex-room)


Note: missing icky tile!! this is the view from Eggs door frame into the office & lounge. and River, my fat Bengal baby. 
she’s up for rehoming btw. tho she comes w/a gf. 


looking from pool deck into Lounge. can’t wait to see the new floor!!! i hope it’s as perfect as i’m expecting. 

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the Oft Unphotographed 1st Bedroom

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11/17/09 WALLS


12/4/09 DRYROT! 


11/22/10 PINKSTUFF!


01/29/10 ROCK! okay. DRYWALL!


the Old Whore… she’s getting put back tghtr. i wonder if we’re nearign the time i should start taking rental apps?

I’m looking at you Diz Kidz!!  or random readers? anyone? Bueller?

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Kidlet comes to visit

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So we play hooky. well we worked all morning. then took 2 hours off for beach kiting and sammiches and then naptime!


he spent about 3 minutes just watching his shadow do cool stuff. 


Fly Forest Fly. oh wrong movie…
spooked. wish you were here to see this. 


i call this Man With Pipe and Rocks. 


Lunchy at Cheesecake Factory (the previous day) 

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Laura -Girls

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I hope that you’ll listen, all i’m trying to say…

I know i’ve made mistakes but i’m asking you to give me a break


I really wanna be friends forever…


(Blimp photo 01/29/2010 @4pm, Sunset photo 01/29/2010 @5:27p)

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