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Home! #fb

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Sunrise Jan 8 2010


Sunset Jan 9 2010


boy am i ever happy to be home. even tho i got home and was promptly without my beloved lappy. the hardrive decided to die AS IT WAS IN MID BACKUP! so there were a few days of ‘omg all my 10k vacay fotos are gone!” turns out only 106 were lost. many thx to teh ogre for his saving of my things. anyway i thusly without my lappy and left my blog to feel neglected. i did have things to say but decided it was just too much effort to blog from another computer. 

crappy iphone fotos above but i love the view. esp catching the moon over the sunrise and tree. i’d be thrilled if my nikon were as small as my iphone but still took great shots. one day. well if i’m dreaming then one day i’ll have a camera implanted onto my retina! and will be able to blog merely by THINKING about blogging! 

one more quick trip tmrw. just a 2 day to VA. then i’m staying home till March! woohoooo. gonna try to get all of my projects to completion. and the one driving me to distraction isn’t the whore. it’s my office! or rather lack of office. 

vacay was good. got lots of stories. wish you were there. 

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