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Going to 36*

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just a quick Return-The-Gram-To-VA trip. in and out in 17hrs. with expected snow flurries for Tuesday.

SNOW. crap.

it’s been a fun couple of weeks but i know we’re both glad it’s over! i’m looking forward to getting back into the work groove. she’s looking forward to her lazy boy and crosswords puzzles with ESPN talking at her.

theres still another upcoming trip to VA in the Spring/Summer.

wish i were staying here. SNOW. COLD. bleck. ick. gross.

Home! #fb

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Sunrise Jan 8 2010


Sunset Jan 9 2010


boy am i ever happy to be home. even tho i got home and was promptly without my beloved lappy. the hardrive decided to die AS IT WAS IN MID BACKUP! so there were a few days of ‘omg all my 10k vacay fotos are gone!” turns out only 106 were lost. many thx to teh ogre for his saving of my things. anyway i thusly without my lappy and left my blog to feel neglected. i did have things to say but decided it was just too much effort to blog from another computer. 

crappy iphone fotos above but i love the view. esp catching the moon over the sunrise and tree. i’d be thrilled if my nikon were as small as my iphone but still took great shots. one day. well if i’m dreaming then one day i’ll have a camera implanted onto my retina! and will be able to blog merely by THINKING about blogging! 

one more quick trip tmrw. just a 2 day to VA. then i’m staying home till March! woohoooo. gonna try to get all of my projects to completion. and the one driving me to distraction isn’t the whore. it’s my office! or rather lack of office. 

vacay was good. got lots of stories. wish you were there. 

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Bueno Dias Cabo San Lucas!

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no captions. but if y’d notice the image numbers. you can see just how fast things change. my physical location doesn’t change just whether i’m capturing whats to my left (the beach) or the sky (my right). 
it was very lovely. and made me wish/long/curse for the 12653894206735th time this trip i had a telephoto lens. 

24 hours till home and i CAN NOT WAIT. to see you! to pet my kitteh!! clean the pool! DRIVE MY CAR!!!!! 

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Do you think you can tell?

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How i wish.


How i wish you were here. 


(moonrise. Jan 2nd 2010.)

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Cabo Sings to YOU!

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Come in here, Dear Boy



your gonna fly high. 


Have a cigar you’re gonna go far.


By the way. which one’s Pink?


we call it “Riding The Gravy Train”…


How i wish, how i wish you here

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Misc Cabo

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you gots yr own ship Auntie!


yes plz, i’ll take one of each.  






ok so again not to many photo’s. i’ve been here before a took a bunch. not much has changed to take fotos again. 

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Acapulco in short

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Good Morning Acapulco


Stinky neighbours, Sunrise, that famous cross


so pretty.



i only took like 12 fotos. i booked no excursions. just can’t do another bus ride. just walked around the city with a guide. gram and i had our own personal guide even. he took us in a great big circle. we ended up at his brothers shop where we both plunked quite a few dollars down for jewelry. some for us some for gifts. then we went to a huge huge fabric store and i was completely overwhelmed. then a post office. then a long walk back to the ship. our 20-30 minute looksee turned into a 2 hour affair. i wouldn’t trade it for the world. i made a conscientious choice to put away the camera and just Be In the Moment. present, if you will and not document thru the lens. i may end up regretting this in a few years but for now i’m ok with that. 

still utterly wish you were here. miss you fierce. 

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Sunrise on a Sea Day

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i left the fotos on large size, sorry if it musses up yr screen. but i figured if it were small fotos y’d not be able to see the jumping dolphins. 
the was the morning between Acapulco and Cabo, January 1st 2010. 
i think waking up to Dolphins jumping in my new year it utterly advantageous. 
i was alone on the verandah and didn’t notice any cruise mates up taking fotos either.
so it’s just a quiet moment and to honour that i leave it caption less. 

and if You were Here… well know that i carried you here in my heart. 

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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La Crema Crusita

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For Stained: like bingo? but with polish? i think you need one tho.


i did not go into Rudy’s shop. 


first start w/ the ugly guy. then the middle sign. then focus on the last sign. ya, thought so
maybe it’s a little hard to see, it being a small foto but it’s as near to xrated as one can get away with publicly, i suspect. 
needless to say i did not go into that restaurant/bar. i like fish tacos as much as the next guy
but with my grandmother in tow! 

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More Hualtulco

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Huatulco up high


Gram up high


Ogre down low (he reports he is likely in this foto, having a beer on the sand)


pretty baby bay


pretty newborn bay.


there are nine bays in Hualtulco. only 4 of them will be allowed to be developed the rest must remain as natural beaches. kinda nice idea methinks. 

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