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Leaving Corinto, Nicaragua Day 12

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¿Qué? Sunset


¿Cuándo? 12/27/09 6:03pm


¿Dónde? Corinto, Nicaragua

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Costa Rica Part 2

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Spiderman does whatever a spider can. 


my chariot arrives


a bug. 




at the tree tops


water way way way down there.

again keeping the posts small and the fotos small too. i know. i don’t think you can blow them up. once i’m home i’m fairly sure i’ll be doing massive foto dumps to my Flickr acct. patience my friends. 

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Costa Rica part 3

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so beckoning. 




decending back into second growth




Lady And The Tram


Human Vulture. pretend this shot is in the first Costa Rica post. maybe it really is, but upon my quick blog check today i only saw the title not the foto. so obvsly the title isn’t as funny in this post. you gotta go read the first one. then it’s funny. and no i can’t link you. these many blogs being written while offline and not able to access my blog unless online. a fault i must remedy. somehow. maybe i’ll get the ogre to breathe on it?

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El cielo es oscuro.

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Or: How I Amuse Myself on a Sea Day

these are a few of my favourite things! Cheeps, Florins, Cents & Colones.


saw 3 of these in da’ocean today. he’s much cuter tho.


took ourselves to fancy lunch (Bvlgari dishes! can haz?)


artsy fartsy amusing myself. we had the WHOLE place to ourselves. quite boredom inspiring.


the ogre pretending he likes me. <3


Hang around here much? (see for explanation)


starting a new collection of friends. i turned in all the others, except the baby koala. his name is Jemmy. I’d hold
him more but his head falls off. he’s getting more and more droopy as the days pass, perhaps Jemmy is homesick too. 


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