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Costa Rica by bus window Day 11

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Melon farm


horse in reverse. i didn’t hear the Beep Beep tho




mainlining the java. it didnt work.




Hi Baybee


covered in bromilliads (blurry shot tho)






thought it best to split this into From-the-Ground and From-The-Tram. 
took and hour and some minutes to reach the Tranopy. was a pretty drive. 
Costa Rica (at least from port to tram) is so.much.cleaner. then Colombia. we didn’t get to go to the capital, San Jose. next time! 

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2nd set of San Blas Island, Panama fotos

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Molas (from the hip)


sorely wished i hadn’t talked myself outta the Pineapple Mola. 


My completely ignoring  me Capt’n and 3 small urchins in a canoe. 


Honey, i left the canoe in the water. Please will you haul it in?


in a canoe in the Atlantic ocean proly isn’t the best time to be fiddling with a new wide angle lens. 


but i did anyway. lost a hat and my shoes got drenched


but i saved my gear from wet. 


home life. the non tourist side of the island. 

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Good Moanin’ Panama Locks! Day 9

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Lighthouse in the Lock


Panama View in the Lock


the doohickys that pulled us thru the locks




Atlantic Birdies


Good Morning Shiny Panama


oh, not not really. Good Morning Stormy Panama


Self Portrait to mark my departure from the first set of Panama Locks.


yes, that is my cup of tea… 

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Panama Locks evening

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work work work.


pretty bridge




Panama City 



purposely did not take a bunch of shots from the boat in the canal/locks. i feel that there are many many many more more more more awesome better representative professional shots of the locks in the interwebs from which you can peruse. sometimes i just want to sit and BE IN THE MOMENT not document it. and so i was. mostly. 

happy xmess eve. miss you the most. 

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Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica Day 11

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Sloth Butt! -dead center of photo/tree


Sloth Furr! 


Naked Indian tree. so called cos of it’s red bark.


Baby Bromilliad 


check out the wing span! he was amazhing. 


the guide said he was a King Vulture. she had the binoculars… but looked like a Turkey Vulture to me.


Human Vulture. 

just wanted to single out a few silly pictures. the Ogre and I had some words about a many months long mythical sabbatical to be taken in a rented casa in Costa Rica. 
i may or may not have given my blessing. i was hawt humid sweaty palmed bug slapping tourista, i coulda said yes to anything to make him stop making me think! 

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Happy Christmas 2009

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Our Cruising Friends


Cruising friends caroling us


Frosty Dessert


Merry Christmas Gram! am very pleased to share this trip with you. <3 

so a day late but not a dollar short! have decided to make multiple little posts rather then one big picture heavy post. in theory to save some minutes of WiFi. Christmas Day was spent scenic cruising Golfe Dulce. it rained. it sunned. it was xmess. 
Grateful Grateful this is STILL my life. 

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