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Aruba Scenery (day 5)

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Aruba- North Shore (film grain)


Aruba -North Shore (pin hole)


Aruba- North Shore (pin hole)


Aruba- North Shore (astfv)


Aruba -One Happy Island 


Aruba- when i die does it mean i’ll finally have my pink barbie house?


Aruba -Southwest Shore 


Aruba- Orajestad as seen from Casibiri Rock. The Rotterdam is first ship on the left. 


Aruba- Rotterdam at dock.

Just a quick few shots of today. i took over 1,100! i put my previous visit to Aruba to good use today. once we got to the North Shore i immediately set out and away from typical shots. about 5 minutes walk away from where we’re dropped is the ocean ledge. i knew no one else was likely to follow me so i could get some unobstructed shots. i used the in-camera setting for manipulation and maybe one day in 6 years i’ll sit with PS and doctor them up even more. 

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