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Leaving Mayaguez PR

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Lines & Depth Day 4 Mayaguez PR 


he cruised me. think he liked my tits?


Buh-bye Mayaguez. (Stained, i was taking this while talking to you and the BLARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH went off…)

maybe i shoulda done a little post processing to the sunset shot, just enuf to make it really pop. but eh, thats not my favouritest thing to do. PS is hard. maybe one of youse will ps it a bit? 

currently at sea. otwt Aruba! was just there in Oct so i’m thinking i should look over my past shots and try not to get the same ones again or try to recreate some with better set up/light/positioning. eh, well this is vacay not work not need to overthink my shots, right? 

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