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Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

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Mayaguez Statue -i love the angle


Mayaguez stuff


straight outta the camera. no PS, damn good shot i think. -Mayaguez


Ghostly Camels -Mayaguez


more Mayaguez statue


not statues but my familia. <3 -Mayaguez


my kind of bote!


cool water in motion shot. 


looking away from the el centro marketplace


oh the horror of loosing over 100 shots from our walkabout. no idea what happened. was just doing a quick in camera review and when 136 more to go got a ‘card read error’ -sigh- 
waiting for the sun to hit the Beauty Point for some more shots as we leave. we decided we could come here for a lingering vacay. it’s still cultural enuf to feel like yr away from the states but has the ATT&T and Sprint i so dearly completely head over heals am in love with (Sprint is for my MiFi). very hot here but thankfully the humidity is low. All y’all East Coasters i feel only mockery for yr frozen selves! bwahahahaha. 

next up Aruba! 

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