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Going A’Visiting in Fort Lauderdale FL

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Dowdy & Gram (in pink) BFF’s for 68 years!


Damn FL wind! 


dessert at Jaxsons in FLL


No I DID NOT order the “kitchen sink” i got a ‘dirty sundae’ 


We flew down to FLL 2 days early (monday dec 14th) to get some visiting in. Gram met up with a friend of hers (tues dec 15th) from her Marine Boot Camp long years ago. they were both teenagers then. Dowdy is a riot of a story teller. i coulda spent more hours with her. later that day we also met up with some friends i made from my cruise aboard the Westerdam in October. i sure do hope they make it out to SoCa for a visit. 
but also the most unexpected and heart warming thing happened. i met up with my ex-step mother on monday night. well legally she never was married to my father but always in my heart i’ve thought of her as my step mom. i love her dearly. she’s the most imperfect perfectly woman ever. at dinner i realized some of my quirks are directly from her… makes me happy. she left VA 13 years ago and since then i’ve not known of her. now we’ve found each other and i’m looking forward to weekly or so phone calls and more visits! 

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half of my heart is here

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From this: Original Everything. 


To this: Demo! Stills ad to have not been able to afford to save/reuse the tiles. maybe i recreate the style…


and this: nearly gutted (rotten shower/floor wood. kinda amazed no one ever fell thru.)


and now: new floor, he’s “standing” in the new bathtub area.  the ladder is in the new crapper area. 


see: the tub area all framed in. to the left is the terlit area. to the right the door. the photo is taken from the veiwpoint of the new vanity. 

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How I Spent my Day ‘At Sea’

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Rotterdam Hairs Did


So much time on my hands i polished my ring


Rotterdam nails did -RBL Miasma

Not too very different from a day at home.  i mean i generally do get my hair and nails done and polish my gems at home. the major difference is today i was in no hurry. and no one else was placing demands on my time. didn’t even see my Gram till dinner tonight. a formal one. i think i like quail. and definitely like fois gras! oh i nearly polished a bottle of Shiraz by myself. who in the hell am i growing up to be? i used to really dislike all 3 prev things. 
got on the bote 3 days ago. havne’t set foot off yet, despite a stop in Half Moon Cay (say key). looking forward to Puerto Rico tmrw. maybe i’ll finally take some tourista fotos…

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