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Day 15 in brief

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Nov 17 2009 -Living Room


Nov 24 2009 -Living Room 


Nov 30 2009 -Living Room


Dec 8 2009 -Living Room 

just a quick pictorial of the Living Room from beginning to today. i’m too busy to think. mainly i need to pack! instead i’m vidding with my urchin and trying to blogish something. meanwhile my bed is FULL of clothes in a state of disarray.  and i’m sure the ogre is laying on the smallest corner so as not to squish my pretty dresses! 

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Dearest Code Monkey,

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my RSS isn’t picking up the garage door sensor. it is the one thingy i really really enjoying about yr code monkey services. that and breathing on my gadgets to fix them. my RSS feed picks up all the lights details but lacks the garage. is maybe the garage thingy not sending to some other thingy thereby not going to space and back so my RSS feed intercepts? or what?
plz to be breathing in space so’s to fix.