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Scraping Past

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Laundry Room/Kitchen


Main Lav


the ONLY termite damage in 68 years!


Wow. my crew was busy today. the subfloor was there at 1030 and when we got back at 3ish it was gone! technically the subfloor didn’t HAVE to be removed. there were some poor looking spots but… anyway it’s gone to help ease the plumbers big huge job trauma. instead of crawling in and out thru one crawl space in the basement he can hop down in the kitchen the bathrooms. 

i’ll try to catch some actions shots of that. 
i kinda peeked around in the dirt down there for some artifacts or leftover human debris from the original builders. so far didnt’ find any. but i’ll keep an eye out. 
still haven’t heard back from the Historical Society via email or phone. perhaps i can find time this week to pay a visit to their location. 

only 11 left days to get myself organized and get my projects on autobot. then i’m outta here for 26 days. home again for 6 then gone again for 7 more days. whatta an awesome privilege to end 2009 with a HUZZAH and begin 2010 with a HURRAH!

Spent a huge chunk of today at the City Build Permit office. spent a huge chunk of money today at the City Build Permit Office. which reminds me, i was told recently that my Towner Project originally cost about $5000.00 to build. i’ve spent that and 3 times as much just to get to the point as seen above. did they pay their crew $0.10 an hour? 
my my how times change. 

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