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8 days in

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Towner Day 1 -sad to not be able to save the tile work. but i’m revamping this loo completely


Towner Day 2 -BuhBye grotesque 68 year old rotten floor. 


Towner Day 8 – waiting to contact the Historical Society before we pull out the original tub. 

8 days in and the whole house looks like this. right up to the roof rafters. kinda cool. 
next up the electrician comes in and does a complete rewire. the plumber too will be there. only his job is particularly taxing. replacing ALL EVERY SINGLE cast iron pipe. even the ones that lead out to street side sewer. yup that involves trenching. in 2 places. one of those trenches will be shared with the new electrical/cable. buried lines FTW!

sorry about the delay. had some site issues and the holidaze was upon me. 

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i LOVE gadgets of all sorts. if i could purr i’d be heard clear down to streetside.