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Must he climb? Still?

Get Down Child. Leave that cat alone.

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8 days in

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Towner Day 1 -sad to not be able to save the tile work. but i’m revamping this loo completely


Towner Day 2 -BuhBye grotesque 68 year old rotten floor. 


Towner Day 8 – waiting to contact the Historical Society before we pull out the original tub. 

8 days in and the whole house looks like this. right up to the roof rafters. kinda cool. 
next up the electrician comes in and does a complete rewire. the plumber too will be there. only his job is particularly taxing. replacing ALL EVERY SINGLE cast iron pipe. even the ones that lead out to street side sewer. yup that involves trenching. in 2 places. one of those trenches will be shared with the new electrical/cable. buried lines FTW!

sorry about the delay. had some site issues and the holidaze was upon me. 

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Call Me!

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see the widget on the left? try it out. pretty cool. if yr viewing this on yr RSS feeder click over to my blog proper.

i LOVE gadgets of all sorts. if i could purr i’d be heard clear down to streetside.

Thankful in Pictures

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getting to distracted to finish. back later

Vehicular Slaughter

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Today I drove. I drove all over these freeways byways tollways.
My car keeps a running tally of how long the engine is on…

My driving started at 0845. I didn’t close the garage behind me till nearly 6pm.
Today I’m thankful for: being my own employer. A reliable car. I’m esp grateful for a husband that has made the first two possible.

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C’est vous

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Take the Mumz to the seekrit beach food place and she takes nap! So bourgois.

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Un Amico

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Too busy yday to post. My first meeting was at 0800 and the last at 1600. Gotta say tho it pleases me to no end to be my own boss. This schedule is my own. So just one picture from yday. The result of a 3 hr meeting. It should only need mere inches of tweaking and 2 new windows. Likely a tube light or two as well. Will be white cupboards. Stainless appliances. And silas stone countertops in Kona beige. Floor undetermined.

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I need a help

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So we’re pulling trim down around the Towner project. Under all the heavy lathe & plaster is a red brick fireplace. The front of the fireplace faces the family room. The back (red brick) is in the Master Bedroom. Should I pull all the l&p down. Repair replace the brick as needed then seal it nicely, making it a focal point in the room? Or should I drywall over it just creating a flat wall, hiding the fireplace?

Crappy celly pics but help ideas appreciated.

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Towner Project Begins:

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Pulled the demo permit Monday:

Yday the crew spent the day clearing the human debris. Tearing up the carpets. Getting the floors ready for the bully board. So we don’t wreck the original hardwood floors. Today they started demo on all the built in’s. Closets, cupboards, counters, etc.
As we’re closing up shop it looks like this:

Mind you these guys started their day at 0830 at my house doing demo. I HEART my crew!!!

The difference a day makes

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Last night I cleared the shelves and took them down.
Today Mr CM & Crew came over and took out a wall! The past week has been spent inside the room. Demoed the interiors. Removed replaced upgraded electric, cat6, phone, cable, Ethernet. We installed a heat sensitive fan in the closet w exhaust to exterior of house. Insulated EVERYWHERE. Used special sound proofing drywall on the shared wall w my gamer/dj son. Regular drywall elsewhere. THEN we tore the wall down. All last week it served as a barrier to drywall dust and noise. Next up is a steel beam across the joist. More pictures when that happens…