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Can Haz Perfect Pantry Plz?

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August 23 2009

nuture Vs neglect

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i apologize my sweet sweet blog. i feel terrible for neglecting you. continuing to neglect you after things have calmed down too. there’s no excuses. well… there are. see:

and this too

or some kitchen action


and more often then not there’s this happening!

i’m about to get back to giving you all the inane attention you seek. today i get to go watch all the WoW freaks get their geek on at the annual BlizzCon!! maybe there will be pictures. oh and sweet sweet viewings of Felicia Day… <3

Then end to a fab party

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We brought the mountain to Mohammad.

photo.jpg it’s a Chimera (sp?) with tiki torches set in it. they blazed like lint.

photo 2.jpg

that dude spiking the blaze with a wooden broom, is a nurse. remind never to get ill or in need of emergency attention near his place of employment. he’s a ditz.

Bex loverly

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photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

photo 4.jpg

at salon Design Visage. getting pretty for the wedding later.

My new babies!!!!!!!!

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Forgive the upside down crappy phone quality. Love.

photo.jpg for my Egg.

photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg for my Easter.

Mr CM gets his day in the sun

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a public shout-out to the best contractor i’ve ever known! heres to many more years of creating projects!

This is Mr CM. the man who took my vision and brought it to life. not to mention putting up with me day in and day out since mid-march!!

today he came over to celebrate the finishing of Project Kitchen Reno! he jumped right into the kitchen he built, grabbed a knife and various veggies and got right to work! my jaw dropped. i’m like DUDE! you built this beautiful baby don’t you want to enjoy? he says, i am enjoying it.

well okay, you go on and enjoy prepping dinner! i’ll go on and enjoy taking pictures of your handiwork.

Look at this beautiful girl! also Mr CM’s doing.

him too!

and her. his wife. i owe her just as many thanks for letting me have Mr CM for many hours a day, sometimes 6 days a week! they always say there’s beauty behind the brains! indeed.

thanks ever so much for coming over today to celebrate with us. a meal, pool party and a blog post seem so inadequate when compared to all y’ve done for our home. i hope you know how much i appreciate you.

Summer Love

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Ain’t they sweet?


River & Egg. i surely do have a good and gentle Egg. <3