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put my finger WHERE??

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Dear MK,

i may be wild. i may be an adventurer. but i WILL NOT do what Tracy says.

i may love animals and have a big fat bleeding heart but i draw the line at

basically _______________ an animal.

the instructions were simple. i understand. no doubt i can follow

instructions but notgonnahappen! i rebel. i refuse. i stomp my pretty little

foot and pout.


guess i don’t love her enuf. or ANY cat enuf for THAT!

i have hippie granola tenancies. sure. i believe in holistic practices where

ever applicable. i’m sure if i were in touch with my inner medicine woman

witchy poo i’d do it. but i’m not. my inner kitchen witch is safely trussed

up and thrown in the now defunt root cellar.

even you offered to pay a semester of college tuition for my girl i’d turn

you down.

i am weak. no how no way am i gonna do THAT!

your humble servant,