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On the topic of how a certain Simpsons episode is older then my oldest urchin

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him: are you saying I’m old then? I’m not even 40!
me: ya yr old.
him: dammit!
me: well you are.
him: I’m having a wedding with dinosaurs and robots, how can I be old?
I’m like 6


I go away and he wrecks the place!

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we’re upgrading the electric panel. it’s 45 years old or so and will not be able to handle all the new kitchen appliances, pool heater and filter, eleveenteen computers and 6 high def flat screens or the fanchyschamcy new washer dryer. basically the house will draw more electricity then the doohicky can send. besides that model has been a known fire hazard! so Mr Contractor Man is tearing shit up!! and i’m so said to miss it…

the upside to this is we’re gaining about a foot or so more of concrete pad to park cars. why do we need more driveway parking? cos the previous owner crazy lady thought it would be an excellent idea to make ALL the street parking ‘in front’ of the house a red curb. yarly. i still dont’ see the logic of that and i certainly have NO IDEA how to un-do her horrid stupid awful handiwork. sooooo that means we need more room to park cars in.the.driveway.

(altho if i could get that undone i bet i’d be the bestest most fav neighbour EVAR!!)