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One Light One Heart One Love

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it is one chandelier but can be manipulated to 3 designs!

i think i just met my newest casa purchase. it solves for me the problem of investing a nice wad of cash into something i can look at for a long while. i’ve not been able to find anything. and by anything i mean nothing that created in me a desire to stare longingly and be happy with my purchase for years to come. this kinda solves that in that i can climb up on the island every year or two and change it around. or send an urchin up to do it. =) thus quenching my desire for change.

it also has that modern line/sensibility i adore yet has the softness to balance.

ETA: so i bought the above and the one below. got MAJOR AWESOME TO-DIE-FOR customer service AND significant discount PLUS no taxes or shipping charges. if yr in the market for lights/chandeliers/etc etc is where its at.

for the stairwell. Ogre picked it out. well he picked this one out of about 20 i liked. =)

What’s become of my kitchen?

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i really love the sledgehammer just balanced so. i didn’t really love the noise from today.

  1. sledgehammer pounding
  2. wood crunching ripping
  3. many millions of thumps from manboots up and down the stairs
  4. generator
  5. nail gun whoofing popping
  6. lazer leveler beeping. the higher faster the pitch got the more dead-on level, and since level is the goal there was an extreme amt of beeping.
  7. table saw (it was outside…)

noise be damned! i big puffy heart the process.

is Progress?

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this house stuff, it’s my baby. like all new mothers i take a gillion and one photos and i surely expect everyone to be as enamoured of this labour of love as i am! so onto what i call “the awkward wall” and in the end i hope it to be an element of beauty and usefulness. there are no ‘finished designed’ photos of this area cos Jason and I are kinda making it up as we go along.

above- how it looked upon purchase. notice the oddly placed cold return air for the heater. Why? and whats the open square for on the left? and a desk for highly expenensive electronics in the kitchen? for grease, water et al to destroy. No thanks. lets remove it all!

getting things exposed. at this point i was sure we’d run into funny worrysome “how’d they get away with that?” construction. thankfully we didn’t! proceed.

(if you wondered why i hang around…it’s views like these! yum.)

and tadah! all exposed… gone is the desk, crazy compartmentalized wall. under the heater you can see that the cold air return is gone. it’s still there its just on the other side of the wall. nestled into a nook of hallway that is perfect for a vent. in fact it seems like it’s always been there, the vent, in the hallway.

now the idea is to create a cookbook tchotkies shelf on the far left. it’ll only be about 7″ deep and 10″ wide.  the heater will be fully enclosed. a wall will be built seperating the heater from the pantry. so then the wide open spaces will house dry goods storage. and to cover it all will be barn door style doors on exposed railing. 2 doors, both will slide to the left. so when the doors are closed the bookshelf will be exposed and when i need to get some rice i’ll slide the left door open effectively covering the bookshelf. the heater door shouldn’t ever need to be moved unless something goes wrong in the heater area.

so ya, my casa-baby.