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Casa Stuff = Laundry.

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the laundry room as it was. nasty louvered closet doors. awful lighting fixture.  the hangers in the middle of the room. and the paint colour! not even one ounce of exaggeration, the paint colour was the EXACT SAME as my bridesmaid dress i wore to my mothers 2nd wedding. a nice colour for 1989 not 2009! y’ll notice the washer sits flush with the wall.

corey being scarey. he’s my plumber. he’s fairly awesome. his dog is awesomer.

the door, the floor and the alarm box are all that remains. took out the closet and cabinets. overhead lighting. didn’t get a shot of the 2 new can lights… oh well. trust me that they’re better then that fluorescent tube thing. y’ll notice the washer and dryer are further down much much closer to the door leading to the garage…

y’ll notice i’ve added a laundry room sink!! oh the life i lead…  and the other change that will happen irl is the cabinets under the folding/hanging area on the back wall will be door free and not flush with the counter. they’ll be recessed 5″ so when i’m standing folding clothes (or wrapping prezzys) my toes have somewhere to go.

the walls are Granite Grey and appliances and cabinets and trim are/will be a crisp bright white. for the backsplash corner i’m liking white subway tiles with grey grout, no final decisions on that yet tho.  the countertops will be concrete. a purple (think dark shady grey) concrete with recycled glass bits (ohhh shiny!) in it.

you likes? got ideas for backsplash? critisim? hate?