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is Progress?

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this house stuff, it’s my baby. like all new mothers i take a gillion and one photos and i surely expect everyone to be as enamoured of this labour of love as i am! so onto what i call “the awkward wall” and in the end i hope it to be an element of beauty and usefulness. there are no ‘finished designed’ photos of this area cos Jason and I are kinda making it up as we go along.

above- how it looked upon purchase. notice the oddly placed cold return air for the heater. Why? and whats the open square for on the left? and a desk for highly expenensive electronics in the kitchen? for grease, water et al to destroy. No thanks. lets remove it all!

getting things exposed. at this point i was sure we’d run into funny worrysome “how’d they get away with that?” construction. thankfully we didn’t! proceed.

(if you wondered why i hang around…it’s views like these! yum.)

and tadah! all exposed… gone is the desk, crazy compartmentalized wall. under the heater you can see that the cold air return is gone. it’s still there its just on the other side of the wall. nestled into a nook of hallway that is perfect for a vent. in fact it seems like it’s always been there, the vent, in the hallway.

now the idea is to create a cookbook tchotkies shelf on the far left. it’ll only be about 7″ deep and 10″ wide.  the heater will be fully enclosed. a wall will be built seperating the heater from the pantry. so then the wide open spaces will house dry goods storage. and to cover it all will be barn door style doors on exposed railing. 2 doors, both will slide to the left. so when the doors are closed the bookshelf will be exposed and when i need to get some rice i’ll slide the left door open effectively covering the bookshelf. the heater door shouldn’t ever need to be moved unless something goes wrong in the heater area.

so ya, my casa-baby.

My 2nd ever power tool

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Beware i have sawz-all! Run.


J.T. In her new tank

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100 gallons. Just over 5ft long and 2 ft wide! This thing is so huge

it makes a statement and I’m skeerid of it!

Happy Zombie Day JT!



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Gadget radio streams radioparadise. Remote controls it. Cawfee has my

beloved mocha. Lappy shows me my first ever cruise ship, Oosterdam, in

dry dock. Pretty yellow birthday rose. And the nearly socked in ocean.

Every now and then my eye catches the white wake of a power boat.

Ever so grateful this is my life. It helps soothe the jagged edges of

my heart.


Birthday Delivery

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Many thanks, Jo Ann. I adore that it gives me a chance to keep it



Didja think I was kidding?

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Is the Universe

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Trying to tell me something?

Yday a hawt red Vette and a Delorian. Today 2 hawt Vette’s and an

un-photographed bright beautiful yellow Lamborghini.

Or I just live where not only the ppl are beautiful but the cars are

too. 😉


and then there was the frakkin Bentley otw home. was too dark to get a foto of… sad. but it was very seksy.


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Look what I came home to.

It’s good to have a good working professional relationship with ones

plumber, is it not?

Oh how fun the next few weeks will be… “I’ll get you and your little

dawg too”


I <3U2

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as seen at Egg’s skoo parking lot.

Casa Stuff = Laundry.

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the laundry room as it was. nasty louvered closet doors. awful lighting fixture.  the hangers in the middle of the room. and the paint colour! not even one ounce of exaggeration, the paint colour was the EXACT SAME as my bridesmaid dress i wore to my mothers 2nd wedding. a nice colour for 1989 not 2009! y’ll notice the washer sits flush with the wall.

corey being scarey. he’s my plumber. he’s fairly awesome. his dog is awesomer.

the door, the floor and the alarm box are all that remains. took out the closet and cabinets. overhead lighting. didn’t get a shot of the 2 new can lights… oh well. trust me that they’re better then that fluorescent tube thing. y’ll notice the washer and dryer are further down much much closer to the door leading to the garage…

y’ll notice i’ve added a laundry room sink!! oh the life i lead…  and the other change that will happen irl is the cabinets under the folding/hanging area on the back wall will be door free and not flush with the counter. they’ll be recessed 5″ so when i’m standing folding clothes (or wrapping prezzys) my toes have somewhere to go.

the walls are Granite Grey and appliances and cabinets and trim are/will be a crisp bright white. for the backsplash corner i’m liking white subway tiles with grey grout, no final decisions on that yet tho.  the countertops will be concrete. a purple (think dark shady grey) concrete with recycled glass bits (ohhh shiny!) in it.

you likes? got ideas for backsplash? critisim? hate?