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one of these things is not like the others… i tell you i live in the land of beauty! i need to go back to Zimbabwe and get some frakking perspective.


Doing Chores

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How horrible my daily chores. Look where they take me. (a dirt parking lot in Laguna Bch)

But srsly today is stereotypically beautiful. Wish you were here.


this was one of those days where i tried to have a bad attitude about something but i kept geting distracted by the smell in the air. so i just gave in. inhaled real deep and let the petty shite go. it’s good for my soul to live down here.

thx universe!

Is a “Mrs” today.

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sweet simple quick and dirty!


1.5hrs as a single girl left

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the sqeeky girl never did think she’d end up in lub & married At.The.Same.Time!

When did we decide to take the ceiling down?

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Oh ya when I decided to ditch the can lights and redo wood ceilings(currently have exposed PAINTED wood beams. ditching the paint)

and install very modern track lighting as work lights.


DCA- WallE

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sometimes he can be so agreeable! i asked him to pose and he said “ok” he even smiled a non fake forced smile!


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too bad we’ve run out of floor for him to tear up… but we’ll always have Paris.

I wouldn’t bring up Paris if I were you, it’s poor salesmanship.


y’day kitchen; today a door.

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here be Master Carpenter Jeff. tearing up my bedroom to install a pocket door. why a pocket door? cos someone at some point decided have ones sink toiletry area open to the rest of the room was a good idea. i disagree wholeheartedly and w/vehemence. personally i like a hefty dose of privacy when flossing my teeth or plucking stray black hairs off places on my body one wouldn’t expect stray black hairs. or when i make that weird face while applying mascara, you know the one, everyone makes it.

One Light One Heart One Love

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it is one chandelier but can be manipulated to 3 designs!

i think i just met my newest casa purchase. it solves for me the problem of investing a nice wad of cash into something i can look at for a long while. i’ve not been able to find anything. and by anything i mean nothing that created in me a desire to stare longingly and be happy with my purchase for years to come. this kinda solves that in that i can climb up on the island every year or two and change it around. or send an urchin up to do it. =) thus quenching my desire for change.

it also has that modern line/sensibility i adore yet has the softness to balance.

ETA: so i bought the above and the one below. got MAJOR AWESOME TO-DIE-FOR customer service AND significant discount PLUS no taxes or shipping charges. if yr in the market for lights/chandeliers/etc etc is where its at.

for the stairwell. Ogre picked it out. well he picked this one out of about 20 i liked. =)

What’s become of my kitchen?

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i really love the sledgehammer just balanced so. i didn’t really love the noise from today.

  1. sledgehammer pounding
  2. wood crunching ripping
  3. many millions of thumps from manboots up and down the stairs
  4. generator
  5. nail gun whoofing popping
  6. lazer leveler beeping. the higher faster the pitch got the more dead-on level, and since level is the goal there was an extreme amt of beeping.
  7. table saw (it was outside…)

noise be damned! i big puffy heart the process.