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My dining table is not. Can haz cheezeburger noaw?


Acceptable for now

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Yes my back is to the view.


From our new neighbour’s

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A house sweet smelling gift. I think I’ll like it here… <3


Usually HB is

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Quieter then this. It’s where I tend to end up when I need to escape

and get grounded: not today.


Made it

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Gas is under two bucks a gallon. The land is flat and wide. Taxis are

cheap. I shoulda brought my urchins… I think they’d love it here.

I’d have more fun if they were here.


a ______________ day.

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lets see if i can recount how awesome today was:

  • ogre got his certificate!
  • i finished my first semester of college w/ a 4.0
  • lunch on the beach
  • kids flew thru the sky in a metal tube safely
  • we financially actually bought a house
  • drove fast safely; repeatedly
  • so much good dinner
  • a gaggle of giggling gadget geared teenagers in mah house =)

and really, my happy and grateful list can continue clear into August. well maybe even into Dec (cruise)!!! but for today i’m so awesomely full of happy i don’t really think i’ll sleep. my brain is just on pure overload of grateful happy. i saw a Dr Seuss quote today. it was timely.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

and i have some fairly fanciful dreams in my past and not even one came close to my life as i know it now. kinda unbelievable. kinda awesome.