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what suit?

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Done already:

  • 2 loads of laundry
  • counter top cleared of clutter
  • turtle care
  • plant care
  • tidied Inbox- archived, labeled, trashed
  • prepped, assembled, & currently cooking dinner (will nuker-rave it tonight)
  • did all resulting dishes by hand
  • synched phone
  • finished off pot of cawfee
  • made new playlist, after 3 days of spinning same tunes. Oi

all done WHILE NEKKID!! in just a few weeks naked time will be null and void. i gots to get it in while i can. =)

To Do:

  • self care & prep
  • get Lex washed? time permitting
  • lunch w/da’ladies
  • dentist for xrays only
  • finish up ALL laundry
  • pack for Florida trip
  • go to a class. @community center. it’s a foto class.
  • eat
  • set alarm for O-Dark-Thirty

phew. easy enuf.if you wonder why i cook dinner in AM it cos its much cooler now then i suspect it will be when the sun is going down and light/heat is just pouring in all 35ft of my windows, at that point putting the oven on seems abusive. so now, cos by the time the oven and the sun heat it up in here i’ll be gone!

and yup i’m still nekkid! woot!!!