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i feel like a DJ today. it’s been nonstop music with a brief break to watch NPH on SNL. a lousy show but eh. i don’t watch it cos its mental. went out for some skoo chopping i hadn’t planned on buying paper i figured notes would be taken on lappy. but i did need a HiLiter. i’ve been trying to read a few pages since i’ve got my book and boy howdy are they dry. the one thing i’ve learned over my years is i certainly have the ability to learn via reading but i absolutely prefer visuals/hands on learning. but back to paper… i just thought a place to store papers i may be given would be nice. so a binder with paper and folders in it. how old school!

theres so many changes happening this year it keeps me up at night. just can’t stop processing the how-to’s or rather when-to-do something. it’s hard to recognize that my further movements absolutely depend upon others doing their movements. its a chess game i’ve never been taught. i just know i have to wait for my turn to move forward. okay maybe chess game is wrong, in that there’s nothing preventing me from a checkmate, i’m already winning, i just gotta WAIT. like house buying. we opened the game by submitting our pieces to the bank. now its their turn and i’m left waiting while they do their job. see WAITING again. or easter’s arrival… i’m just waiting for that. or for Friday, i’m waiting.

i think i’m phenomenally good at planning organizing but once my part is all done i just feel odd. i can’t just be still with my days to wait my turn for action again.

eh, patience a virtue i just don’t have. someday… i never thought i’d grow up, srsly i kept waiting and waiting to grow up but i didn’t know i had till i was. like i missed the moment. if i’da been patient i wonder if maybe i woulda caught it?

i have school tmrw and its a crazy idea to me. but i’m really getting off on the idea that my little family will all be in college. i’ll take my fotog stuffs, ogre will do a continuing ed credit in management and easter will take standard first year classes. and my egg he gets to be a rising HS school freshman!

but thats not what keeps me up. its getting married and house buying. in which ever order they get done. again each one i’ve made a move and am waiting for the return parry. well tmrw i’ll make the marriage thrust. but it’s already done as far as i’m concerned. =)

“waiting” in prison script should be my next tattoo.