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Pirates sans Pyrate

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Overall ours is 100% better!

Magic Kingdom


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my Very First Viewing of Cinderella’s Castle!!

what suit?

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Done already:

  • 2 loads of laundry
  • counter top cleared of clutter
  • turtle care
  • plant care
  • tidied Inbox- archived, labeled, trashed
  • prepped, assembled, & currently cooking dinner (will nuker-rave it tonight)
  • did all resulting dishes by hand
  • synched phone
  • finished off pot of cawfee
  • made new playlist, after 3 days of spinning same tunes. Oi

all done WHILE NEKKID!! in just a few weeks naked time will be null and void. i gots to get it in while i can. =)

To Do:

  • self care & prep
  • get Lex washed? time permitting
  • lunch w/da’ladies
  • dentist for xrays only
  • finish up ALL laundry
  • pack for Florida trip
  • go to a class. @community center. it’s a foto class.
  • eat
  • set alarm for O-Dark-Thirty

phew. easy enuf.if you wonder why i cook dinner in AM it cos its much cooler now then i suspect it will be when the sun is going down and light/heat is just pouring in all 35ft of my windows, at that point putting the oven on seems abusive. so now, cos by the time the oven and the sun heat it up in here i’ll be gone!

and yup i’m still nekkid! woot!!!

Quick Note-To-Self

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Do Not Reschedule events pertaining to Self-Care.
you will be miserable. you will feel stressed. you will not like life.
take time to do things you think better you.

Love, Me.

theres no pressure

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9am and i’m thinking about putting the AC on… also was thinking till nearly 1am and then awake and thinking again before it was really light enuf to see the clock. gave in an got up at 7am but i had already cked emails, texts, and fav www pages. from bed- BEFORE CAWFEE. now it’s 2 cups in and my ToDo list has some things ticked off but mostly i just added to it. -Sigh-

i’m toying with the idea of just removing ‘marriage’ from the ToDo list until further notice.  there’s also available to me a wedding planner, it’s an option. but i may just be too much a control freak to let a WP do their job wo chronic interference from me. but also i may just be too busy to really care about details. cos i’ve made a commitment to myself to do this school thing right. in a large part cos my egg is just seeing schooling as not a valuable commitment of his mental prowess. and i wonder if thats not due to some part of me not placing a high priority on schooling? so i have to do this for me and for him. i’ve got the support financially and emotionally from ogre, so there’s no legit reason for me to stop going.tank the baby jeebus that Ev has got the bug for school. all i have to do wrt is make sure she has funds to pay for it, she does everything else!

so to further this we’ve dedicated the ogre’s old mbpro to MY school stuffs. Ev will likely get the Air for her school stuff, just need to put an open office or something on there and get my music off. egg will likely get ev’s old dell’s and not be happy cos neither of them are strong enuf to run his games. and the ogre has his fancy shiny cool new mbpro. i have covet. =)

sigh. it’s too warm. am sweating already. shower here i come!


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i dare you to sit still and listen to my playlist! I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!

slumdog millionaire, M.I.A., Santogold, Britnasty Speared, Beyonaste & Harry Belafunte! also: Gotye

g’moaning Welcome to the world of 80* before 10am!tanks universe!!

to remind me

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i feel like a DJ today. it’s been nonstop music with a brief break to watch NPH on SNL. a lousy show but eh. i don’t watch it cos its mental. went out for some skoo chopping i hadn’t planned on buying paper i figured notes would be taken on lappy. but i did need a HiLiter. i’ve been trying to read a few pages since i’ve got my book and boy howdy are they dry. the one thing i’ve learned over my years is i certainly have the ability to learn via reading but i absolutely prefer visuals/hands on learning. but back to paper… i just thought a place to store papers i may be given would be nice. so a binder with paper and folders in it. how old school!

theres so many changes happening this year it keeps me up at night. just can’t stop processing the how-to’s or rather when-to-do something. it’s hard to recognize that my further movements absolutely depend upon others doing their movements. its a chess game i’ve never been taught. i just know i have to wait for my turn to move forward. okay maybe chess game is wrong, in that there’s nothing preventing me from a checkmate, i’m already winning, i just gotta WAIT. like house buying. we opened the game by submitting our pieces to the bank. now its their turn and i’m left waiting while they do their job. see WAITING again. or easter’s arrival… i’m just waiting for that. or for Friday, i’m waiting.

i think i’m phenomenally good at planning organizing but once my part is all done i just feel odd. i can’t just be still with my days to wait my turn for action again.

eh, patience a virtue i just don’t have. someday… i never thought i’d grow up, srsly i kept waiting and waiting to grow up but i didn’t know i had till i was. like i missed the moment. if i’da been patient i wonder if maybe i woulda caught it?

i have school tmrw and its a crazy idea to me. but i’m really getting off on the idea that my little family will all be in college. i’ll take my fotog stuffs, ogre will do a continuing ed credit in management and easter will take standard first year classes. and my egg he gets to be a rising HS school freshman!

but thats not what keeps me up. its getting married and house buying. in which ever order they get done. again each one i’ve made a move and am waiting for the return parry. well tmrw i’ll make the marriage thrust. but it’s already done as far as i’m concerned. =)

“waiting” in prison script should be my next tattoo.

less depressing

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Bank (schedule around ogre’s work meetings) (get ogre’s schedule…) ended up going to local branch

Go To:
Cleaners: take all fancy clothes! and Easter’s purse.
Costco: H2O, chocolate sauce, etcetc
post office: priority mail luggage tags for WDW for easter & egg to easter
Ralphs: damn groceries. =)
BofA: why are they charging me fees? fixed & reversed fees!! THX Paul.

SHOWER AND BE READY TO GO AND DONE WITH CALLS BY 10am. not even close, they came while i still in my jammies.

ya right.

grateful these are my chores. none of them are terrible none of them are painful, except the going to the dentist stuff. but by 2010 i want a painfree mouth. i have it now…but.

it’s strange the fog is up against the windows so i can’t see a thing but i can still hear all the construction noise. just strange not being able to match sight to sound.

damn i forgot to feed JT this AM. poor dear maybe i’ll get her some rosies while i’m out and about. forgot about doing this

okay really the cleaners are coming… i need to get out of here so they can do their job beautifully.

universe i am yr child, i’m grateful to be so. wouldn’t it be cool if all the home buying doors just opened up? ya i think so to =)


Egg in Mazatlan

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Egg in Mazatlan

Originally uploaded by lnorigbphoto

foto editing or rather playing around with one of my FAv shots from the trip. i was aiming for more washed out but i think this foto isn’t lending itself well to the look. so i pushed it as far i know how without losing what i love about the shot.

perhaps my issue is that i’d rather have caught the shot about a half a second earlier when his chin was more up but his eyes still downcast…

either way.

didja know?

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so i’ve got this nifty WiFi Picture Frame. it displays fotos!! whoda thunk? right. so it’s in desperate need of a makeover. it needs you, yes YOU to send it fotos. you do this very very simply. you email it a foto. no text necessary just attach a foto. not even a subject line!

Just Do It! <-- send fotos to this addy. NTS: must program addy into mumz fone and remind her to use it! PS: plz to be sending fotos of a Rated G or of a SFW variety. ya never know when i may have the queen a'visitin' kthxbye